Should user install kali linux as Main operating system?

hello there,
I am wondering with this question that, as a user should I install kali linux as a main OS on my device (personal device)?

Hi, I would not install kali linux as main OS.
I would install it on another sd-card and change it when I need it.

If you are just starting out with Linux choose a distro with a more user friendly user environment. Kali is for ethical hacking. You could start by tinkering with Ubuntu and then working your way up to stuff like a Fedora based Linux distro.

Kali is an amazing distribution to work with, however it is purely aimed at penetration testing, making it unsuitable for day to day use.
Many OS settings and application settings have been setup in such a way that they perform best for this specific purpose, meaning that if you want to use some custom tooling ( which might be perfectly fine to run out of the box on a standard debian distro ) it could be very troublesome to get working, and keep the functionalities that make Kali so great.


Pretty much sums up what I would say