Teamspeak 3 Server on Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb

Hey guys, I’ve just bought a Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb and started looking into guides on how to setup the OS and exploring what one can do with the Pi. I’d like to set up a Teamspeak 3 Server on my Raspberry 4 if that is possible.

I found Novaspirits guides and I appreciate how educational and beginner friendly the guides really are. However I’m a bit stuck at understanding which guide to follow for reaching my goal with installing the application I want. I’m currently following the “Guide: How to Run x86 on ARM NOT exagear” but not sure if this is going to help me do what I want.

I also found this guide “Running 64bit Ubuntu 19.10 on Raspberry Pi 4 with Desktop” which might be better for installing Teamspeak 3 Server on Raspberry Pi?

I leave the links down below so you can check out what I’m referring too.

Teamspeak 3 Server

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