Turn on wifi kimax BS-U35WF

Hi folks, I am a newbie with the U35WF. I was playing around with it trying to get it to work over wifi. I got into the settings through 192.,168.169.1and noticed that it was connected to the slower of my two wireless connections which is 2.4. I thought I might not be able to see it cause my laptop is connected to the faster 5.0 router channel. So I tried to click the OFF “button” on the router management page in the belief that when I then clicked the ON “button”, the Kimax wireless would re-boot and maybe give me the option to log on to the fatser channel. However, after clicking the off button, the wireless connection disappears, trying tio access through in a browser gives a “not found” message and neither the USB nor wired internet connection (from KIMAX directly to my computer) gives me access to anything like a Kimax admin. page where I can find a setting to turn Wifi back on.

I tried doing a hard reset of the kimax using the push-pin in the little hole, but it made no difference. Anybody know how to fix this?


OK, I figured this out. The reset procedure is:
(1) Push a pen etc. into the little Reset hole. Wait 30 seconds (use a clock)
(2) Without removing the pen, detach the power plug from the unit. Wait 30 seconds.
(3) Without removing the pen, re-attach the power plug to the unit. Wait 30 seconds. You’ll hear some rattling as the unit re-reads the hard drive.

Then you are good to go. Notre that powering the unit off and then back on through the power switch will not work, you must pull the power plug from the back of the unit and then re-insert it after 30 seconds. You’ll need two hands.