Updating Mojave


Is there a recommended installation procedure from 10.14 to 10.14.x?
I could try the automatic update procedure, or ?


It looks like the software update doesn’t work. I have tried to reboot after the supposed update and the startup screen stalls, never getting to the login screen.


I recreated the installation USB stick, Updated clover on the EFI partition, then reinstalled 10.14 onto the LattePanda NVME following the BIOS steps as well. The reinstall and clover upgrade seemed to have gone well, no pink screen, all files present and apps functioning. I have not tried to update to 10.14.4 yet. I’m thinking that I should implement the process where one gets a code for an iCloud account and all that next (such as RT variable?, SmUUID?, Serial number). I’m guessing that would probably reduce the number of variables when trying to upgrade?