Welcome to the forum


Thanks for this forum, it might help me asking so many questions about raspberry pi and stuff… Tq


Thanks, Greets from Maidstone, U.K.


Hi there and greetings from Germany.


@novaspirit Looking forward to great videos and lots of info and discussions here too.


Howdy all from sunny Spain! :slight_smile:


Greetings from Italy!


Hello Everyone. Greetings from Colombia.


Yay! Happy to be part of this community. Thank you Don for your great job at NovaSpirit :blush:


Great idea Don. Looking forward to this!


Hi everyone. Ready to have fun with Pi. I have 5 Pi s and some need to find projects for several. Is the Pi 3B+ worth it? I already own two 3s. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. More greetings from germany.


Thanks for setting this up. I have enjoyed your videos. Thanks for doing them.


I’m really impressed with responsiveness and UI of the website so far. Looking forward to future projects and the growing community :grin:


thanks!! this helps everyone search for answers much easier


Good to be here :wink:
I hope you will have great community


Hi greetings from Singapore.
Just beginning to learn and try out on SBC. Hope to learn and seek advice in future.


Hello everyone. I have a question, do you all think it’s possible for someone with a moderate learning disability to learn how to operate kali and learn some programming?
I have a bad learning disability. Everthing I’ve learned, I’ve done on my own. I get frustrated often but keep coming back.
In school i was in sld and 2 grades behind but in science i was a grade ahead basically because it interested me.
The same as tech has grabbed my attention. If i ever hope to make something of my life befor i die, i need to excel in something but im finding it hard to grasp some of the most basic concepts and im wandering if im wasting my time and money i don’t have.
What’s your thoughts on this?


I’m thinking, learn. :smiley:


i have a friend who is a pen tester both legally blind and legally deaf. so if he can use kali with skill… i believe in you


That is quite amazing.
That’s one thing i love most about tech, anything is possible.
When i was a kid i wanted to be a magician, then i grew up and decided hacking is close enough haha.