What Operating systems do you use on the daily?


Hey guys! Over the past 6 months I’ve slowly transitioned from a 100% Windows to mostly Ubuntu as my daily driver. I still use Windows but only for gaming. Pretty much only switched for security / privacy looks like windows seems to be losing the P in PC D: Just wondering what you guys use and any recommendations for Linux distros?

i am
75% Ubuntu 16.04
25% Windows 10


Home use: 65% Linux, 25% Mac OSX, Windows 10%.
School use: 25% Chrome OS (Linux) 75% Windows

My favorite distros OpenSuse 42.3,. Ubuntu 16.04, Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi is also quite good although I have not tried the x86 version yet. Ubuntu Mate is Okish for a more lightwieght desktop.


At Work: 30% Linux, 50% Windows and 20% Android
At Home: 30% Linux, 30% Max and 40% Windows

The distros and versions are very different. At work I have a CentOs 7 server and a Ubuntu 17.10 VBox.
I use at home an older Debian version (on a guru plug), Rasbian and Ubuntu in different Versions.


50% Windows 10
20% Windows Server 2016
10% Ubuntu
10% Raspbian Jesse


haha i literally just made a video on this yesterday!!! my main editing desktop is windows =( if it wasn’t for adobe products i would be linux full time


For me its 70% Windows and 30% Linux


Linux Mint has been my favorite linux desktop OS for “use” Being a corporate slave I have to be aligned to OSX, but I use a VM that I transition across my windows desktop and osx via a SSD drive when I want to use it elsewhere. It makes working from home and having the big windows (gaming) pc as my workstation and I just startup the VM for work.


Xubuntu 18.04 (Atom SBC), Linaro (Tinker Board) and Raspbian (RPi2&3).


i’m still trying to get used to the 18.04… they changed so much like netplay and such… not used to it yet


My main OS is on Macs since I have Adobe Products.
Then on a GPD <- mini computer, gamer is windows 10
I have lots of Pi’s ( b ) (zeros) and pi3’s
using many operating systems.
Great way to fix old computers throw linux on them :slight_smile:


Mac OS 80% Linux 20% and GeForce now beta for Gaming, (bye bye windows)