What should i Buy?


sorry i post this, maybe on wrong section?

please help , i want to buy a board.
which board is better for kali linux Operating System ?
should i go for raspberry pi 3b+
udo x86 2gb ram,or any other board ?

help ?.
thank and god bless.


What purpose do you want to use it for . Like orchestrating phishing attacks, a pumpkin pie perhaps …:smirk:


i want to learn on how to attack wifi?
which board i should go , or any other board ?


Ok well I believe Kali doesn’t have full WiFi support for the chip in the 3B+. (People ironing bugs out in drivers)What I have seen is that some people are using USB WiFi dongles. Well getting a USB WiFi adapter that Kali supports is cheaper with a Pi 3B+ than an Udoo x86. It depends on what you want to do. Do you just want to capture packets or do you want to brute force passwords? Brute forcing takes a more powerful computer as a pi would take forever depending on password length. The pi has great community support so that’s a plus. I would get a pi as it costs less and has better support than an Udoo x86.


ohh thank you sir , may i should go on Pi :slight_smile:


Hey MrHydrogen7 welcome to the forum.
Let me put something out there.
I have used Kali on Raspberry Pi 3 board
and also on a Laptop.
If for testing the setup of which I can understand it’s fun.
However the Raspberry Pi 3 is limited by its CPU.
If your going to use Raspberry Pi for other projects thats Great!
It is interesting what you can do with them.
To use Kali all the time, as security or pen testing,
I would use a Laptop with any decent power on CPU and it will
probably be much better than a Raspberry Pi.
Just so you know before you jump into this world.
Projects are fun with RPi just want to give you heads up

Specs of raspberry pi see here