Which Router do you recommend

I have a home office with heavy use network.
And I find the MikroTik Router is failing and dropping connections at times.
I Think I need an upgrade on the router

This is my set up… What hardware would you recommend?

Current Internet Bandwidth
10Mbps UP, 300mbps Down

Current Hardware
TP-Link EAP245
Mikrotik RB4011iGS+RM

Current Usage
4 Smart switchs
6 RPis (webserver, homeassistant, etc)
3 Tablets (my 85 yr old Father-in-Law is addicted to YouTube and streams all day)
2 Laptops (Team video meetings, Video streaming, VPN to work)
2 Cell phones (if on wifi)

Any Suggestions are very welcomed

I think cheap TP Link is enough for home user.